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Peacewalker Guitars is formerly known as Chace Miller Guitars...

Alma Lorien is formerly known as Chace Miller.


If you are interested in knowing why I changed my name and the name of my guitars, here it is...

Peacewalker is a name that came to my dear friend Daniel in meditation when I was looking for a new name. I liked it. I feel like it suits me, because I am a peace-walker. My soul is here to know God and to help in this time of transition on earth. I am for the well-being of all living beings, plants and animals and invisible things included. WE ARE ALL ONE. I don't mean to say that I am a peaceful person all of the time. Lord knows that would be a lie. But I strive for peace in my own heart and mind, and at my core I wish peace for all beings. So...peacewalker.

I knew in about 2019 that I needed to change my name. Chace Miller was an old family name that came with ancestral weight and old ghosts. I knew I needed a name for myself that was my own. Alma Lorien came to me after a long time of looking for the right name. It is numerologically identical to the name I was given at birth. So, there you go. If you think I'm weird, that's ok...I'd have to agree with you.

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