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my approach to building.

A guitar is many things. It’s a part of a once-living, breathing, standing tree. It is a tool for its musician, the vessel through which they may bring out their own heart song. And for me, it is a thing of beauty, a manifestation of my own creative energy, an homage to the great transcendent beauty that, though sometimes obscured by darkness, exists eternally in our world and in every one of us.

 I believe in the consciousness of all things- the trees, the wind, the forest, the river and the rocks. I also believe every guitar that exists by my hands has its own sort of consciousness- a spirit, a being-ness beyond the limits of the physical sum of its parts that has been infused with my own. 

I treat each guitar as a meditation. I consider each moment I spend with a guitar in my shop to be an opportunity to be present: Presence as a lifelong practice, as well as a means by which to hear what the materials need. The work requires careful listening, and listening requires stillness. Guitar-making is tactile, logical, and intuitive. Each of these senses are necessary to create a successful instrument, and for me, the process of building is a dance that continuously weaves between all three. 

With a foundation rooted in tradition as well as modern innovation and theory, my compass is aimed always toward maximum responsivity and playability: to build guitars that sing, and inspire their people to play and create. Every instrument that is born out of my shop has been loved from its conception, and it is my hope for each one to continue to be loved and cherished, and to inspire musicians to make their music, whatever it may be.

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