I am rayya peacewalker.

Peacewalker Guitars is formerly Chace Miller Guitars.



Like the Childlike Empress/Golden-Eyed Commander of Wishes, I needed a new name.

Rayya is a name I chose for myself. Peacewalker is a name that was retrieved from the inner realms and given to me by my dear soul friend of many lifetimes, Daniel-San.


When I was around ten years old, I fell in love with the sound of fingerstyle playing on a steel string guitar. The moment struck me so profoundly that I remember it to this day, and I knew then that I would have to  learn to play this instrument. For many years, music and guitar were my refuge, and both continue to shape my life today.

In 2009 while at university, I picked up a kit guitar from the Martin Factory in Pennsylvania. Since I was young, I had always been a "maker," and was enthralled with the idea of building myself a guitar to play. That first kit guitar ignited the spark for a lifelong passion, and by the time the project was finished I was determined to learn how to build a better guitar.

My passion for luthiery led me to my first and most influential teacher, classical guitar builder Greg Brandt. I spent five years in Los Angeles as an apprentice in Greg's shop building classical guitars. I am forever grateful to Greg for the generosity of his time, knowledge,  wisdom, and friendship.

In 2015, I left Los Angeles to go to Oakland, CA, to work with steel string builder Ervin Somogyi. There, I studied and worked as an apprentice in his shop for six months, under the kind and masterful guidance of the "Great White Whale" of American luthiery, Chris Moritmoto.

I now live in beautiful Washington state, in the foothills of the mountains between the United Stated and Canada. I build a small number of guitars a year. When I am not building, I am making music or walking with my dog in the woods, and talking to the trees.